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In 2012, a group of faculty members from UW-Madison’s School of Human Ecology (SOHE) created the Wisconsin Without Borders Marketplace. In 2020, it became what is known today as The Artisan Collective. Two years later, the Collective was turned over to full student control. Since then, UW students from all different backgrounds have come together to continue to grow The Artisan Collective.

Our Mission

The Artisan Collective is a University of Wisconsin-Madison student organization that collaborates with female global artisans, shares their stories, sells their products, and reinvests profits into their communities in order to make a positive economic, social and environmental impact.

“Artistanry is very important to me because my family and I live off of this work. Through artistry we’ve acquired a house and been able to educate our children. It is also a beautiful thing to work with our own hands.”

Flora, of Sumak Muya

Meet the Artisans

Behind each piece of jewelry is a story from a talented artisan. Learn more about them below:

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